Grandma Salty

Poem: I know my Grandma did a lot of bragging about her grand kids, so now it’s our time to brag about her. I also want to recognize Grandpa for his continuous love and support, helping make all of this possible. We love you.

How Many Grandma’s

  • How many Grandma’s would send their Grandson a care package every week for their entire time in college? And how many Grandma’s would stick it out for 6 years without missing a single week? Each package had home made baked goods, weekly bunco and hand and foot winnings including her score cards, and other little gifts or some spending cash. She didn’t even tell me she was going to do this, the packages just started to show up and never stopped.

  • How many Grandma’s can show up on a college campus and have 100 students already know who she is? “Are you Grandma Salty!?” Most said…

  • How many Grandma’s would wake up at 5am to get in line with their grandson at his favorite bar on college graduation day?

  • How many Grandma’s would send their Grandson’s friend a box of his favorite cookies just because he is his little brother in the fraternity? Upon meeting him she took out a pen and paper and asked what his address and favorite cookies were; next week they arrived.

  • How many Grandma’s would send their grandson’s roommate a cookie cutter from her personal collection because she thought it would help with his home made ravioli’s?

  • How many Grandma’s would go to a small dive venue in Anaheim to watch their Grandson play his first band gig in high school? Oh by the way it was a hardcore metal concert.

  • How many Grandma’s have a grandson that tattooed half their arm with a symbol that represents her? Grandma has worn a gold lion necklace with diamonds every day since before I was born, and I am told I was obsessed with it as a child. There is a matching ring that she gave to my Dad at 18, and he gave it to me at 18. When I wanted a tattoo at the age of 20, I wanted it to be something incredible, something perfect. Grandma was a clear first choice.

  • How many Grandma’s would take their grandson’s on a solo trip to Catalina or the Mid-West while they were in elementary school?

  • How many Grandma’s would take their grandson’s Christmas shopping every year with a thousand dollar budget and let them pick out anything they wanted as long as they would pretend to be surprised on Christmas morning?

  • How many Grandma’s would send their grandson on a ski trip for four winters, while he was in college?

  • How many Grandma’s would cosign a student loan for years five and six of college after their grandson and his parents reached their limit during the first four years?

  • How many Grandma’s have had hundreds or thousands of hockey goals scored for them? The last hockey game I played while Grandma was alive was only 6 weeks before she passed. I scored two hat tricks (six goals), the most I have ever scored in a single hockey game in my entire life.

  • How many Grandma’s have saved a golf course and preserved the life and community that thrives around it?

  • How many Grandma’s have served on the board of their community for 11 years as President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.

  • How many Grandma’s have had a City Council member look them in the face through the television screen while they were in the hospital and wish them a speedy recovery, because the city needs them back?

  • How many Grandma’s would walk down the storm drain gutters all the way to the golf course so her grandson’s could find golf balls?

  • How many Grandma’s have knitted 365 Christmas stockings that are hanging on the mantles of so many fireplaces? Not to mention the hundreds of miniature stockings with candy canes she made for us to hand out to our classmates every year in elementary school.

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  • Grandma never missed anything? Hockey, soccer, golf, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, flag football, school performances, graduation, or anything else she was there.

  • How many Grandma’s would make Motley Crue T-shirts for her grandson’s to wear to a concert even if she didn’t know or care about Motley Crue?
  • How many Grandma’s would drive to San Jose to watch their Grandson’s gymnastic competition?

  • How many Grandma’s would fly to Colorado and North Carolina to watch their Grandson play hockey?

  • How many Grandma’s want to drive a bright red Hummer?

  • And how many Grandma’s would drive to Santa Barbara for their Grandson’s high school volleyball tournament even though his grades weren’t good enough to get him off the bench? He didn’t play during one game, yet she was in the bleachers for every one of them.

– end of poem

  • Grandma Salty is legendary, and legends never die. We might not see her today, but we feel her today, and we know she is with us and always will be with us.
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  • She is a my Heroine and achieves greatness in all she does.
  • Grandma has undying Belief in herself, Belief in me, and Belief in all of us.
  • She sees no bounds, and sees no bounds for any of us.
  • Her confidence shines so bright, and just being next to her makes me feel wonderful and comfortable.
  • She will never listen to someone who tells her she can’t, and more importantly she will never tell herself that she can’t.
  • There is no challenge too great for Grandma. When she left the hospital a year ago she could not walk or move her legs, but that didn’t last long. Grandma confined to a wheel chair…. ya right. And when Grandma got sick with liver cancer and had most of her liver removed, and was told she only had a few months to live… ya right, she lived for over 20 more years.
  • She is interested in anything her loved ones are interested in, and often becomes more passionate about it than us.
  • She is full of love and her love radiates into everything she comes into contact with.
  • She is unity; she is the yarn that holds the family Christmas stockings together above our many fireplaces.
  • Her word is impeccable.
  • She is a great leader, and the gravity and strength that holds our family together.
  • She loved to talk to us on the phone, but would never call. And just recently she got an iPhone because she heard that us grandkids like to text message. We really enjoyed sending her photos.
  • Grandma listened, and it was always about us. She would never talk for more than a minute about herself. She was so selfless.
  • When it came to family her schedule somehow was always open, despite how many appointments she really had each week, we were always her #1.
  • She was full of tradition, and our holiday feasts were incredible. Ham rings, custard, jello, corn soufflA�, green beans, black olives, banana bread, cookies. Every year she made me my own personal green beans because i loved them so much.
  • She loved playing in the park with us across the street, she was a great pitcher. And we loved sitting at the table on holidays playing games until midnight or later. And in the past few years we did it with wine in hand which I really cherished. She loved her white zinfandel, but she always had a bottle of Mark West waiting since it was my favorite.
  • She always had my favorite strawberry candy in her purse and at the house.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally, I love you Grandma. And I love you Grandpa, you were amazing life partners.

– Shane

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