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We met at the Dairy Queen on Lake Street in Aurora, Illinois.

Ron & Joyce SaltzgiverAs we talked we found we had met before at the Fairgrounds in Phillips Park. I saw an old friend and he introduced me to her as the girl he was engaged to. At that time I thought, a�?Why would anyone want to be engaged? That was not even in my thinking. I never asked what happened, but he later married a girl from my school.

I was working at Northern Illinois Gas Company. In High School she worked at Lietz and Grometers. She had gone to North Central College in Naperville, and now she worked with Con Edison, down town, so on our lunch hour we would go to the bowling alley, where she always beat A�me. We would walk and talk and everyone in my office could see us and I always got lots of comments. I bought her rings at Greenwalds Jewlery store. The Engagement Ring with 1 carat diamond and band was $75. We got engaged on a bridge in Aurora. We never held hands. We found out later you hold hands when you are old to keep from falling down.

We went to A&W, The Chicken House, swimming in Batavia and Lake Geneva, and the Paramount Theater. My friend Walt would come in, would see us and shout, a�?Hey Salty!a�?, Joyce would slide down in the seat so no one could see her.

We were married December 29, 1956 at Evangelical United Brethren Church by Reverend Bouldin. Joyce wanted it there because there were six Christmas Trees and all the decorations. We had 130 guests and received over 300 gifts. After the service we went to have pictures taken, it started to snow, the local Chrysler gave us a 1956 Imperial to ride around in.
We went to Rockton, Wisconsin for our honeymoon which was about 60 miles away. I was driving a 55 Bel Aire and on the way up I was stopped for speeding. When I told the cop we were on our Honeymoon, he laughed and sent us on our way.

We bought a 2 bedroom new home in North Aurora, IL for $15,825 but we were too young to close the sale, so we rented the house until I was 21, then we wereA�able to buy. The contractors wife owned the Contemporary Shop were Joyce now worked, so we got many things added to the house.

Jeff SaltzgiverDan SaltzgiverWe had Jeff on September 2, 1958. He weighed in at 8lb 4oz. One night I came into the bedroom and she was sitting on the bed. She said, “We need to have another baby.a�? It took one year. We tried all the temperature and timing things. We had Dan October 3, 1961, weighing in at 10lb 2oz.

When they were school age she went to work at Guardian Packaging. They made the little packages of condiments you get in fast food restaurants. Her boss was John Smith. One time she got a call that his house was on fire while he was at theA�Playboy Club in Lake Geneva. She had trouble finding a John Smith at the Playboy Club, the club thought she was kidding. She opened The ETC Shop in North Aurora in 1971, she was teaching knitting and crocheting classes. Dan would have lunch with her and one day after lunch he ran out in the street and was hit by a car. The volunteer fireman was her cousin and they were to the hospital in a flash, he was OK. There was a change in the store area so she closed the shop.

She was the manager in the jewelry department at Bergner Weise which was an independent company. She went to Elgin to open a new jewelry department at Bergner Weise. The grand opening sale was jewelry from a million dollar robbery. We had bought a company where she had a girl working on the books, so she had time for another job. We sold the company and moved to California in 1981.

Just a few interesting things that happened while in Illinois.

Joyce SaltzgiverWe were in Oahu and Joyce thought that she needed a dress to wear to a party that evening. We went to a local dress shop where a lady was helping her; she selected a pink floral island style dress. She went and put it on and came out to see how it fit. The clerk was helping. As Joyce was moving around, the clerk was adjusting, when she reached into the dress and adjusted her breasts to fit the dress. She bought the dress and when we got to the sidewalk I said, a�?That was strange. She agreed and we laughed all the way back to the hotel. Since then I have often asked, a�?Do you need adjusting?a�?

She was in a group of card players and every year they would go to Chicago for dinner, on the way home, they got lost and no one knew how to get back to North Aurora. Someone said, Follow the moon,a�?- they ended up in Indiana.

When we got to CA we rented in West Hollywood. I got a job in Pomona so we moved and left Dan in Hollywood. Joyce went to work with a children’s clothing store and would go to LA to buy. The owner was afraid to go there. One night therewas a robbery a block from our apartment. The next day I found a pistol in our front yard. I think it was the robbers. I changed jobs, so we moved back to Hollywood. This was the 1980 recession, so houses were cheap and we found one in Santa Monica, on California Avenue.

Joyce started work at the Broadway in the kids clothing dept. She had many movie star customers. Mel Torre was not a nice person. When they had their purchases ready, he gave Joyce a credit card that was no good and then another 3 that were no good, and he was blaming Joyce. She looked over his shoulder and said why dona��t you use the American Express? It worked.

Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin were customers. He did all the buying. While they were looking, Paula laid on the floor and fell asleep. Another star was crippled, I dona��t remember her name, she would get letters to Santa and Joyce would help her to put together things from Santa. She would sit outside at lunch time where met many older stars. One ladya��s husband was a song writer. She had 50 gold records. Joyce then went to manage the cosmetic department.

The Broadway closed so she went to Beverly Center with Cache, she would work with the stars on Dallas, Dynasty and La Caux Aux Folles. She got to know these people and had fun. The lady stars were easy, but to find lady’s wear for men was a challenge. The MC of La Caux Aux Follesa��s name was Gypsy. He wore 6 different gowns, was over 6 ft tall and wore size 11 shoes. They became friends.

Once we were at La Caux with my sister and her husband. He was sitting with his on his hip. Gypsy came over and said a�?That is how I started. We were at the show with our son Jeff when about 27. Gypsy came up and asked Joyce, a�?How would you like a 60 year old son in law?

Cache was having family partner trouble and was closing. She knew just about everyone in the mall. She went with a shoe store and decided she liked the shoe business. She came home one night and said that she wanted to open her own shoe store; Shana Shoes in Palos Verdes. We sold our house to Ronald Reagana��s daughter Patty Davis, and moved to Palos Verdes.

I was with Home Savings so it didna��t matter where we lived. She sold high-end, expensive shoes. The mall had made some changes that she did not like, so she closed the store.
I never figured it out why she would become a manager of an inventory company. Her last job before she retired was with Little Bugger Pest Control. That was a good ending of jobs. She really enjoyed it, but she turned 65 and had to retire (Ha).

She did so many things for us.

One last thing: Since we had a single car garage you had to get out before I pulled in. I put a string hanging down, so it would hit the windshield and the car would be centered.

I would stop; you would get out and walk to the door of the house. On your way by, you would always hit the string, or walk thru it and make it swing. I asked you not to make the string move. You never commented and stopped doing it once and then you wouldA�do it again the next time. I finally gave up, and then you would ask why the car was so close to the freezer.

See you later.

Joyce Saltzgiver Family

Five Ways to Write About Your Anger

Various influences suggest everything from practicing extreme self control, holding it all in (end result: stoicism) to showing no boundaries about sharing anger at all(end result: anarchy). Finding the middle cheap nhl jerseys china ground is the place where you can communicate feelings and the facts of a given situation, without hurting or blaming the other party, and vice versa. When this first scenario occurs, you are creating more space for positive communication changes to occur. When communication is less than ideal, continuing to express anger in old ways will reinforce old habits., aggravating an already difficult situation.

I’m recommending the following journal exercises to assist you in finding more positive ways to express your anger, and become a better communicator. When I have shared my feelings, and the other party has been receptive, I’ve been surprised at how calm I became, compared to how uncomfortable, I felt prior to sharing my feelings. I also have had some situations where I either didn’t receive a response or the other party remained silent. Remember to include a detailed description of your strong feelings including the facts of the situation. Remember to use as much space on a page as you can when you scribble. After filling a page, choose one scribble, and start drawing a specific shape over your scribble. Continue to scribble over the shape until you are finished. You may feel tired or relieved. Your words may slow down or you may run out of time to write.) When you notice any of these reactions, it’s time to stop writing. Wait a few minutes for everything to settle, then move to the next exercise. (Note: You may substitute any ritual here if praying isn’t a good fit for you.)This exercise is an effective way to communicate feelings and information to yourself or to someone else. You can write unsent letters, when it might otherwise be hurtful to speak directly to the other party(ies) You can also write unsent letters on any topic (positive or negative). Unsent letters also provide a great place to practice your lines. Whether you write a series of unsent letters or one letter, your feelings will become less intense. Then you can prepare to have a calm conversation with the other party. You can write as many unsent letters as you want. When you write your wholesale nhl jerseys unsent letters, you give yourself permission to feel the intense emotions that surface around a specific event. At some point either during, immediately or after you’ve written your letter, you will gain clarity about your part in the situation. You will also learn to evaluate your responsibility as well as the other party’s responsibility in the same situation. When you are calm again, you will be more prepared to make changes, including asking for a more specific communication change from the other cheap jerseys party. You can continue to follow up your unsent letters with prayers of blessing for the other party. As you continue to bless the other party, room is made for positive changes to happen in yourself and the other party. When you write an unsent letter, it demonstrates your courage and willingness, to make serious changes in a difficult situation.


Writing an imagined or real conversation you had with the other party, can help let out some of your anger. It’s useful to put words or images to your feelings. Start your dialogue with two voices, the letter “A” (for your voice) and “B” (for the other person’s voice). Be sure to allow both voices time to speak.

Don’t worry about writing a perfect dialogue. Use as much detail as you can. Your descriptive skills will improve with each unsent letter that you write. For example, if I feel my anger burning like fire, then I would want to say “I’m burning up over this situation.” If I am feeling a sense of resentment (something deep, quiet and very intense, that never quite goes away, then I might say, “I’m really frustrated about _______ now, can we talk about it for a few minutes?” Remember that no Order intense feeling is worth ignoring. It’s much better to express your feelings a few at a time, than to pay the price of those same feelings causing problems for you in the future.


Writing sentences that begin with “I am feeling .” is a good way to verbalize all of your feelings about a difficult situation. I want to remind you that may express other feelings along with your anger. When you start your journaling, focus on your anger first, then write about your other feelings. I suggest that you write a minimum of ten feeling statements. Put the list away. Move on to the next exercise.


Draw several pictures of your anger. All types of drawing are allowed. Remember what I said about “My anger is burning.” Write cheap pills a visual image of your anger. I want you to use as many senses in your picture as you can. (Note: you may also use this exercise to visualize other strong feelings)


Now cheap jerseys china look at your list of “I am” sentences. Match as many of your picture(s) with your “I am feeling.” sentences as you can. When you are finished, circle one or two combinations that best describe your current feelings. You have written an initial unsent letter about your ang

er. You’ve explored some of your feelings in detail. You’ve summarized your feelings using a combination of drawing and writing. Now write one action you could have taken to keep the earlier situation from accelerating. Write another sentence describing one action that the other party could have taken. Write down one positive action you are willing to take to change your anger expression now, remember to include a specific completion time and date. If you pray, start praying for good to come to the other party. I would recommend that you pray for at least a few times a week working up to praying daily for a month or until your strong negative feelings disappear.

Take your time working through these exercises. If you find yourself, unable to move on to the next exercise. Then write a short paragraph why you don’t want to move on. Take a break and start the new exercise the next day. Look forward to celebrating your freedom from past buried feelings.Articles Connexesi?s

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  1. Dear Saltsgiver Family, On behalf of my Mom, Judy Bieritz, I just wanted to let you know that my Dad, Walt has joined Joyce in Heaven. He passed away on August 17th. The family and the EAC of 1954 have been trying to get a hold of Ron.