Feb 152013

generic-kamagra-viagra Joyce Saltzgiver - Buffalo HunterEvery summer we went on a family vacation. In 1968, we headed west through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin where we were dropped off at Aunt Fern and Uncle Roy’s to spend a few days. I don’t know if things are different now than they were then, but wild Buffalo used to roam the plains in herds, all along the highways.

Even though there were signs all over about not getting out of your car, Mom decided she needed to get a close-up with the old Kodak Instamatic. Dad pulled off the side of the road, and off goes Mom, running across the field to get a closer shot. Once she got what she wanted, she was back in the car, and off we went.

We always had great family vacations.

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