Mom Shoots Buffalo

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Feb 152013

generic-kamagra-viagra Joyce Saltzgiver - Buffalo HunterEvery summer we went on a family vacation. In 1968, we headed west through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin where we were dropped off at Aunt Fern and Uncle Roy’s to spend a few days. I don’t know if things are different now than they were then, but wild Buffalo used to roam the plains in herds, all along the highways.

Even though there were signs all over about not getting out of your car, Mom decided she needed to get a close-up with the old Kodak Instamatic. Dad pulled off the side of the road, and off goes Mom, running across the field to get a closer shot. Once she got what she wanted, she was back in the car, and off we went.

We always had great family vacations.

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Mom & I Working Out The Cub’s Problems

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Feb 142013

best price online pharmacy When Tracey and I first got together, she was with me while I was talking to you on the phone. As was our norm; we started talking about the usual trials and tribulations of the Cubs. After we hung up Tracey looked at me with a weird look and said, “Do you think your mom actually cares about the Cubs?”

I said, “As a matter of fact, yes, she does.” That was a perfect example of what you gave to me. If I was interested in it, you were interested in it.

The last conversation Mom and I had was a great one. I told her some things I wanted to be sure she knew, but we still managed to get a few minutes in on the Cubs.

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Mom Visits The Rock Capital of Brooklyn

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Feb 142013

I remember when you guys came out to New Jersey for Christmas in 1981. At that time I had been in Jersey for nearly 2 years. I had auditioned, to replace the bass player, for a band called Phantoms Opera. I wasn’t in the band yet, but by January, I would be. Between Christmas and New Years they were playing a show at prednislone next day LaAmour The Rock Capital of Brooklyn, and I told you I wanted you to see the band I was hoping to get into. It was the 80’s, lots of spandex and big hair, plus, the drinking age was 18, so the club was packed with 2500 kids. We ended up sitting at a table right in the middle of the throng. Kids kept coming up asking why you and Dad were there, and you kept proudly telling them, He’s going to soon be in that band.

The kids thought it was amazing that someones parents would venture into that type on environment. Most kids were embarrassed to hang out with their parents, but I never was. In fact, just the opposite, I was proud to say, This is my Mom.

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Feb 142013

sialis de 5mg Joyce Saltzgiver - George Harrison Tour 1974In 1974, when I was 14, George Harrison went on tour. There was no way I was going to miss that. Tickets were going on sale early one morning at a local record store. I told Mom that I was going to skip school that day to wait in line for tickets. She told me that I wasn’t going to miss school, that she would wait in line and get me tickets, and she did. She got me 4 tickets, and then she and Dad drove me and 3 friends to Chicago stadium for the show.

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